Why learn hypnobirthing with me?

Hypnobirthing teacher, Carly, sat on the floor with her child.
Hello! I'm Carly. I am so pleased you have found me as this means we can begin an exciting journey together.

Firstly, congratulations on your pregnancy! Although at times it can feel daunting, becoming a parent is one of the most wonderful experiences you will go through, and I am so glad I get to share it with you. Let me tell you a bit about me.

I am a mum of three children and, alongside my role as a mum, I work in the NHS as a therapy team lead. Since falling pregnant with my first child in 2014, I became obsessed with the miracle of pregnancy and birth. It still takes my breath away when I think about how amazing this is. However, the thought of pushing out a baby from a very small space was not something that filled me with excitement. I was haunted by images from the TV of women suffering painful, exhausting labours which fed into a fear of giving birth. This was until I discovered hypnobirthing in 2014 and it changed my life. I have since given birth to three children using the tools I learnt and experienced three different, yet positive births.

I have a passion to help others to have a calm and positive birthing experience whichever way they choose - whether this be a natural vaginal, induction or caesarean. I aim to help you stay calm, feel confident and have control during your pregnancy and labour.

If you think I am the right hypnobirthing instructor for you then I would love to start our journey together.

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